Our partner factory makes different kinds of open die forging products up to 120000lbs, typically used in equipment for the mining industry, oil and gas, steel mills, hydro power, wind power, biomass, and conveying systems, etc. We have our own steel mill to melt special metallurgy materials, up to 6300T hydraulic press to make heavy forgings, rough machining, heat treatment, and CNC lathes for final machining.


Over the last 15 years, Precision Components Inc. has explored and developed casters in China that do different methods of casting. We work with ISO certified factories who specialize in stainless steel and low-alloy steel precision investment casting parts of small to medium sizes, including a variety of steel products used in pipes, valves, sewing-machines, spinning wheel parts, hardware tools, automobiles, sports equipment, etc. For larger size heavy castings we work with ISO certified factories who are specialized in sand casting products, such as motor casing, valves, grate, gearbox, water pump, and machinery parts. We also work with an ISO/TS16949 certified factory to supply aluminum die casting parts for automobiles and industrial applications, as well as electronics and consumer products.

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