About Us

Mr. David W. Hull P.E., founder and current president of Precision Components Inc., is an expert in the precision bearing and mechanical components industries. With over 40 years of direct experience, Mr. Hull has been highly recognized for his accomplishments, including most notably his 25+ years of successful ownership and operation of a multinational corporation. Additionally, he currently sits on the board of directors for a Chinese bearing company and is the managing director of their North American joint venture.

Mr. Hull has extensive experience working with Fortune 500 OEMs supplying components and services. He specializes in cost-reduction programs through alternate methods of manufacturing and low-cost country sourcing. Furthermore, Mr. Hull has and continues to personally aid customers by designing engineered components. He currently holds a Patent for a bearing mounting system successfully used by a Fortune 500 electric motor manufacturer.

Following his success in becoming a degreed mechanical and professional engineer, Mr. Hull worked for the Torrington Company and NTN Bower during the early years of his career in technical sales, engineering and management. After founding PCI, Mr. Hull represented prestigious Asian and European manufacturers and helped them gain a presence in the US market. During this time period he simultaneously aided US corporations in becoming world-class, in the international sourcing of bearings, forgings, castings, machined components, subassemblies, private branded and retail ready products from low-cost countries.

Subsequently, Mr. Hull has had direct experience with China for over 20 years; making multiple trips annually, he has visited personally over 450 factories to assess their capabilities, production methods and quality systems, ranging from steel mills, forging, casting, heat treating and machining facilities to manufacturers of automotive and safety critical components. Mr. Hull focuses on bridging the diversities in culture and business practices between the US and Asia. He excels in comparing China National Standards to ISO, JIS and other international standards. Streamlining and accelerating project timelines has made him an invaluable resource to his clients.

Mr. Hull is a consultant to multiple hedge funds and several governments on the following subjects: China's economy, China's bearing industry, and China's manufacturing effects on the US auto industry and the outlook of the world bearing industry. He is an expert in US antidumping regulations, having been involved in several bearing antidumping cases. He was hired as a consultant by one of the Chinese mandatory respondents and the Chinese government during the ball bearing antidumping suit between China and the United States bearing industry, among other international trade issues. He is also in frequent touch with associates at the China Bearing Industry Association (CBIA) and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CCCME)

Mr. Hull gained recognition in the manufacturing industry and China US import and export business. His business philosophies have been the subject matter of well-known industry magazine articles. He has also served as a panel member for related subjects.